• Samantha Pellegrino

    PhD Candidate in Islamic Studies

    University of Chicago Divinity School

  • Samantha Pellegrino is a PhD candidate in Islamic Studies at the University of Chicago Divinity School. She received an MA from the University of Chicago Divinity School (2017) and a BA with Honors in Religion and Linguistics from Swarthmore College (2015).

  • Academics

    Ms Pellegrino's research interests include the Jābirian corpus, the history of Islamic alchemy, medieval Islamic cosmologies, alchemy as literature, ectogenesis, and imaginations of gender (in both medieval Islamic alchemical texts and also in medieval Islamicate literature as it is mediated through the categories of the occult, the supernatural, and the magical). Her dissertation explores how the artificial is theorized, especially in relation to the divine, in Jābirian texts, and engages new methodological tools to de-center historicity as the primary metric by which Jābirian writings are engaged.


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  • Teaching

    Ms Pellegrino is an Inclusive Pedagogy Fellow at the University of Chicago Divinity School. She has completed courses in Syllabus Design, Pedagogies of Writing, and Critical Pedagogy.


    She has held TA positions for the following courses: Readings in World Literature (undergraduate), Reading Cultures (undergraduate), Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations (undergraduate), Introduction to the Study of Religion (graduate), and Feminism and Islamic Studies (graduate).

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